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Being more handy, mobile apps are a recommended mediator to reach your customers. Brands with apps are the ones that are more likely to find their way through the market and create more engagement with their target audience. On condition that they seek a professional company that offers mobile app development Dubai in order to execute it properly. 

What is Mobile Apps development?

The process of Mobile Apps development is simply designing a mobile app for a brand to be launched through various app stores for customers to use in learning, interacting, or even buying stuff through it. Mobile Apps are a great and handy way to let your audience deal with your brand closely and take whatever actions you want them to take. 

Mobile Apps differ in functionality, design, and other aspects according to your business needs. For instance, a mobile app for a grocery shop will vary from a mobile app designed for a car rental company or an interior design provider agency. Each has its own goals and usage, requiring specific and different features and functions. That’s why seeking a trusted mobile app development company in Dubai is mandatory to ensure they know how to curate different apps for different needs. 

What process should Mobile App development go through?

Mobile Apps development is not very different from web development. Both have some specific steps and procedures that have to go through. However, this process could severely vary in terms of time and effort from one mobile app development company in Dubai to another according to the functions and tools you need to integrate into your app. 

We can sum up the app development process in the following steps:  

  • Determine the strategy that should lead the whole process of designing and developing.
  •  Implement the UI/UX design to create a good user experience.
  • Execute the app development process.
  • Run an application testing, where you can conduct the initial testing to ensure your app gives your users the best experience.
  • Launch through the various app stores. 

Media Heist Action plan

Mobile app development agencies have different approaches. At Media Heist, we give mobile app development the same attention we give to each service we provide. Below is what our plan for app development looks like:

  • Conduct thorough market research to define which aspects need to be featured in the app and assure its effectiveness to the users. 
  • Align the app development strategy with the digital marketing strategy we follow for a specific brand.
  • Conduct all the designing and development processes needed according to the business needs.
  • Optimize the app to align with the SEO guideline to get high ranks on different app stores. 
  • Launch the app through different app stores and run a testing process.
  • Monitor and amend regularly. 

Our deliverables

There is no significant difference between one mobile app development company in Dubai and another regarding the deliverables they provide clients with. Here is what you are going to deliver if you choose Media Heist as your digital marketing agency: 

  • Your app designed, developed, uploaded to the server and live.
  • The dashboard.
  • The APK.
  • A landing page in order to upload the app.

How can a mobile app help your business grow?

No Doubt that people tend to use their mobile phones to look up things more than their laptops. Your mobile phone is always in your hand. Every possible interaction you can do on mobile, you do it undoubtedly. That’s why you need to be there for your audience, where they will most probably be on, their phones. 

Websites are still a good idea. However, websites are not the best option for some functions. Do you need to know why apps are essential? Read the following points: 

  • Apps can increase your visibility.
  • Grant more accessibility.
  • Increase sell-through.
  • Apps are handy for the users.
  • Grant your audience with 24 hours customer support.
  • Effectively showcases your products or services.

How could mobile apps improve your online presence?

Having a website is good. But having a website and an app will definitely grant your brand more accessibility, popularity, and credibility. Moreover, it will increase your sell-through like never before. Appearing to your audience through more than one marketing channel is exceptionally effective, not to mention letting them interact and learn about you.

Apps notifications are another feature you can highly benefit from, which websites don’t provide. A part that definitely will enhance your online presence as you talk to your customers personally and reach them literally where they are.

How Media Heist can help you create the perfect app?

With its solid strategy and youthful soul, Media Heist is the perfect mobile app development services provider. We can create a flawless app for your brand as we are aligned with the latest trends and practices. Here are some other reasons why you need Media Heist as your mobile app development company in Dubai: 

  • Media Heist works according to a specific strategy which professionals determine. 
  • We have a dedicated team of developers who are aware of every practice regarding app development field. 
  •  We can design and develop any apps according to your business needs. 
What are you looking for further? Media Heist is here to understand what your business needs to expand and grow and to execute the app that serves your business and drives you more money. 

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