L stands for leads ... Knights draw L shapes, Ads bring leads!
Media Heist is a google ads agency Dubai that brings leads

Contrary to SEO, Google Ads requires payment to let your website appear on the first results on Google. This is the concept that the media buying agencies work with for Google Ads. You need a Google Ads agency Dubai to work for your business if you want high conversion and more leads. 

What is Google Ads?

Have you ever checked Google and found the first search results have the word “Ad” beside it? You wouldn’t have seen this without a Google Ads campaign that has launched with someone. 

Google Ads campaigns are the paid campaigns that you can launch on Google to reach a specific audience during a particular amount of time. Usually, those ads are made for specific marketing purposes, like launching a new product, starting a season of sales .. etc.

What is the proper process that Google Ads campaigns should go through?

It could look like Google Ads campaign is a short process. However, the research and preparation phases that are done by a professional google ads agency Dubai are not as easy as you think. To learn more about the process, let’s sum it up in the following points: 

  • Run through a brief questionnaire in order to understand the business and the campaign goals in depth.  
  • Conduct profound market research, including the competitors and potential opportunities. 
  • Determine the paid ad campaign strategy according to the previous input, which includes the budget. 
  • Conduct functional keyword research to be used in creating the content for Google Ads using the most accurate tools. 
  • Set the landing pages ready to welcome the new customers. 
  • Create the content needed for the Ads campaigns using the targeted keywords.
  • Connecting Google Ads with Google Analytics in order to track the results later on.
  • Launching the campaign and waiting for the results.

Our deliverables

Each google ads agency Dubai has its own deliverables. And here are what you should expect getting from Media Heist:

  • Targeted keywords.
  • Ongoing strategy.
  • Google Ads account setup. 
  • Landing pages for Google Ads campaigns.
  • Monthly reports showing all the results. 

How could Google Ads help your business grow?

Google Ads helps more audiences see your business by allowing your website to rank on the first results on SERP. However, this is attained through paying extra fees for Google, unlike other marketing methods; it is still one of the digital marketing tools that could drive more customers to your website or landing page, besides driving more conversion and sales.

Let’s see on points how google ads could help your business, and why you are desperately need a google ads agency Dubai for your business: 

  • Your audience can easily reach you when they search for you on Google.
  • You can target specific local customers or customers from anywhere in the world. 
  •  Google Ads can show the location of your business which help your audience reach you easily. 
  •  It also allows you to mention your contact information.
  • Google Ads target specific searches, making it easy to particular customers to find you.
  • It will enable you to do specific optimization for mobile devices. 
  • Unlike other digital marketing tools, Google Ads gives you measured results.
  • You can constantly improve your results and profits. 

How could Google Ads campaign improve your online presence?

Your online presence will rapidly increase through Google Ads because your audience will easily find and interact with your website more often. Your credibility will get higher when people see you often on Google on the first results. Besides, Google Ads drives more traffic to your website, which will probably cause more traffic for your social media platforms. That’s why working with a Google Ads agency Dubai is an investment that you will never regret. 

How can our google ads agency in Dubai help your business?

Media heist is one of the trusted media buying agencies Dubai that you can rely on. Here are reasons that make Media Heist stand out:

  • We provide marketing services in both languages Arabic and English.
  • We have a team of experts, each in their position.
  • We follow a specific strategy for Google Ads.
  • We conduct comprehensive industry analysis and market research for each brand we work on.
  • We have the right tools to track and assess our campaigns. 
  • We offer a free consultation where you will learn about the weak points in your social media marketing and how we can help.
If you are frustrating searching for a google ads agency Dubai that curate and enhance your digital presence. Don’t worry, no more search needed. Media Heist is here to give your sales a boost through Google Ads. 

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