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You might wonder where content lies in the marketing process. We won’t be exaggerating if we say that it lies everywhere! Whether branding, social media, website, or any other marketing medium, you will need content. As a professional copywriting agency, we take care of crafting every piece perfectly because we know that this is the most critical piece of our game. 

What is content creation?

“Content is the king” is a trustworthy saying. From this concept, you can comprehend how content is a critical and fundamental part of any marketing strategy—everything in the digital marketing process notions out from the content. Content turns ideas into campaigns, articles, and catchy copies. With a lack of content quality, the whole marketing process might be affected and hinder driving sales or engaging people as it should. 

Whether written, visual, or in any other form, content is the chain that links the marketing process and the most critical part of it all. That’s why the content must follow a strategy that serves the goals of each business. Also, content differs according to each industry, platform, and brand identity. That’s why your brand should use different forms of content, and you should seek a copywriting agency that does the job for you. 

What is the process that content creation has to go through?

Content creation is the most critical part of the marketing process in general. It goes through many phases until the content is approved and meets the requirements. However, we can sum up those phases in:

  • Receive a comprehensive brief from the client to be followed along the way. 
  • Market research and competitors analysis. 
  • Brainstorm ideas with the creative director and other team members.
  • Prepare content draft that would be amended in the following steps. 
  • Prepare the editorial content plan.
  •  Send for approval or amendments. 

What is the process of Media Heist as a content creation agency Dubai?


Conduct a thorough brief to understand the brand and its requirements.


Carry out a profound research and analysis for the competitors and the market in general.


Prepare a content strategy for the various types of content needed.


Create a content calendar for the social media posts on monthly basis.


Aligning the blog posts to the SEO guidelines, considering the targeted keywords and every other SEO aspect.


Proofread and optimize content to make sure that it’s going to compete in search engines.


Assure that the created copies align with the marketing objective, identity, and tone of voice of the brand.


Publish content constantly to maintain the relationship between the brand and its customers.


Make sure the content targets the right audience, keeping in mind the customer’s journey funnel.

Our deliverables

Not each copywriting agency usually does the same job. However, the deliverables in general usually go as the following: 

  • Content strategy, including topic suggestions.
  • Social media plan/ Content Calendar on monthly basis.
  • SEO strategy, including the targeted keywords for the blog posts.
  • Weekly blog posts, with the frequency that we agree upon.
  • Website content. 
  • Landing pages content.
  • Pop-up Ads.
  • Case studies. 
  • Company profile. 
  • Proposals. 
  • Video scripts. 
  • Infographics. 
  • Branding-related content. 
  • Other forms of content that you find necessary for your brand.

How can content creation improve your online presence?

Your online presence is literally controlled by the content you produce and the copywriting agency you work with. Your content tells a lot about your identity and how it affects the way and the frequency that the audience sees you through. You can use content to improve your digital presence through some aspects, which are:

  • Create content that is aligned with your brand’s identity.
  • Create content that tells your brand’s story and convey its messages.
  • Create content on a regular basis and not to disappear all at once. 
  • Create content that engage audience and builds trust and credibility between your brand and them.

How can Media Heist help your company?

Media Heist is a professional copywriting agency that provides English and Arabic content in different forms. Media Heist would provide you with:

  • Professional copywriting services.
  • SEO copywriting services.
  • Branding content creation.
  • Video scriptwriting.
  • Website content creation. 
  • Blog writing.
  • E-mail writing. 
  • 2D, 3D video creation.
  • Video editing.
  • Comprehensive graphic designing services. 
  • Full branding visuals. 
  • Media Heist is also one of the best social media content creation companies.
Suppose you are looking for a copywriting agency in Dubai to create the perfect content. In that case, Media Heist is one of the top creative agencies in the UAE that can create the proper perception your audience needs to receive from you.

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